Sunday, March 3, 2013

Enjoying the Great IN-Doors!!

...SORTA... At least, "SHOVELLING" was NOT *INVOLVED*!!
Just the Usual SUNDAY-"CHORES"-Catch-Up... And, whatever...
  • LAUNDRY - Have to wash that SHOVELLING-GEAR *some* Time!
  • RECYCLING gathering for Tomorrow's Pickup.
  • Weekend CYBER-Stuff...
  • Getting a Couple of more PANELS done on My Latest "C.H.I.P." - I really do need to Find that "WOODROSE HEATHER" Ball...
  • Trying to COPE over *NOT* having to Shovel!
  • Starting a BETTING-Pool as to WHEN "THE SUN" will get *back* from wherever IT's been on "Shine-About"..?
  • BRAIN-STRAINING to come up with "SOMETHING" to *BLOOG*-ABOUT!!
  • Like... Being GRATEFUL that I *DON'T* Live in FLORIDA!! -- seriously?! A GUY-IN-BED-SWALLOWING-SINKHOLE??!! - THE UNIVERSE really is a *Twisted*-Little-Piece-of-Work, huh?

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