Friday, March 1, 2013

SOMEwhere. HIDDEN. Within the *Darkest* DEPTHS of The "AUNTIE"-CAVE...

..IS A stupid HALF-BALL of "WOODROSE-HEATHER"!! -- That, would be Perfect for My "CURRENT-HAT-IN-PROGRESS"...

I was SURE that IT was IN "HERE"... In *ONE* of The BAGS..?? -- I don't think that IT got *sent* to THE-ROOM..?!!

well. whatever... Guess I'll just have to settle on the "PLUM-HEATHER", instead.


*1* -- I DIDN'T have to SHOVEL!! -- WOOHOO!!

*2* -- "MARCH" is apparently "CROCHET MONTH"!?! -- hmm... Now, I'll probably have to Whip-UP a BLANKET or *SOMETHING*..??!!


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