Monday, March 25, 2013

real-ly..?? *NOW*??!! -- argh!!


So... Despite, Leaving the HOUSE an Hour Later than I had *Hoped* - after bringing IN the TRASH-CANS and SCOOPING "some" of the MELTWATER from the FRONT-WALK - "most" of My SOLO-ERRAND-RUNNING-GROCERY-GETTING went *well*...

TRAFFIC was "Normal".
PARKING was Found.
BARGAINS were Had!

...At least, *UNTIL* I got HOME...

Let's just Say, that I am really, *REALLY* GLAD that I *hadn't* Bought any *GOOD*-"STUFF"!!

So... I'm about to UNLOAD the TRUNK's *CONTENTS*. Trying to Decide *which* Heavy-Bags to Grab First and, in what Order...

TRIP-1 -- The Strap-Handled-OPEN-BUCKET full of the ITEMS-That-Are-NOT-To-Be-Crushed-Broken-Or-"Dirtied"-By-The-TRUNK's-Floor. And, the Cloth-Bag with the 2 Big JUICE-BOTTLES.

TRIP-2 -- The Solid-Plastic-COOLER-BOX containing the 2-Bags of MILK and ICE-BRICKS.

-- The BOX is VERY Heavy. After moving IT Closer toward Me, I then go to also move the *SOFT*-COOLER-BAG - [Future TRIP-3] - as well...

...what the...?? -- OH. **crap**!!


I *quickly* bring the "BOX" into the HOUSE... AND, to Retrieve a ROLL of *PAPER-TOWELS*!!

Have I ever Mentioned about how GRATEFUL I am that the TRUNK is *LINED* with a SHEET of THICK-PLASTIC..??

So... USUALLY, I just Buy TWO "BAGS" - [they contain 3 smaller Bags] - of MILK when I go over to COSTCO. However, what with the upcoming LONG-WEEKEND and My Schedule, I decided to get THREE this Time. -- The "BOX" will only hold 2. The Third HAD to go into the "BAG"...

The COOLER-BAG is pretty much a Grocery-Getting FIXTURE for Us. IT's also OLD and has "seen-better-days"...

ANYHOO... It would appear that, at some Point, One of those LITTLE-BAGS sprung a LEAK! And, perhaps the "LARGE"-BAG as well..? Although, I suspect that since IT was lying on ITS Side, the Continuous-LEAKAGE might of just flowed out from the BAG's loose "Clip-Tie" at the Top... Or, a Sharp-Edge of One of the FROZEN-FOOD-PACKAGES could have Pierced the BAGS..??

WhatEVER the "CAUSE", I didn't really have Time to *INVESTIGATE* as I was TOO Busy TRYING to PREVENT further "CONTAMINATION"...

LUCKILY, the OTHER ITEMS in the COOLER-BAG were HARD-Plastic-SEALED! -- They were Fine after a quick RINSING... Also Fortunately, there were some extra Plastic-Bags in the TRUNK to place the Clean-Up-DEBRIS into *before* tossing IT into the TRASH-CANS. -- *MILK*, can be NASTY, even IN "WINTER"... And, the NEXT GARBAGE-"PICK-UP" isn't for another TWO WEEKS!!

MEANWHILE, the Half-EMPTY "CULPRIT" is Feeding a SNOWBANK for now! -- It was the only Place to put IT at the Time, seeing as I had My Hands FULL with sopping-up the OTHER-HALF... BTW, the SNOWBANK "Snow" actually ended-up being additionally USEFUL after all.

(Paper-Towels + MELTED Snow...) > (Being pressed for Time to get Stuff Cleaned...)

hmm... Gonna need to Find a NEW COOLER now... nuts!

oh. BTW, I know that I had "Promised" HAT PICTURES for Today, but I didn't get a Chance to DO That... TOMORROW, for SURE, though!!


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