Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DUH!! I *Missed* IT!


What am I talking about..? Nothing "major"... Just a tiny TREMOR. First pegged at 4.3, but then, I think it was downgraded to 3.7? Seriously, no *biggie*. Our Furnace turning ON feels like a 4.0!

Anyway, MOTHER was the only One to "notice" at the Time. Said, it felt like something banged against a wall...? Whilst I, was running around on the Stairs and loading a Cooler for possible Future Shopping and, *didn't* FEEL Anything!

It wasn't until almost 2 Hours LATER, that I saw a News Report about IT! -- Damn!

Whatever, it was EAST of Here, along the Ottawa River, about two-thirds the Way to Montreal. Quakes along those Fault Lines are usually short and sharp. It's the Ones that happen NORTH of Us that are Rollers and last a good Half Minute or more.

But, hey! That's not the ONLY "Excitement" around Town, Today. There was a BIG Hardware Store FIRE a few Miles away - not far from the Prime Minister's Residence... Toxic Smoke...

And, on the Edge of that *Neighbourhood* is where MADAME Q's Daughter lives! Oh, and Her Son is in the middle of moving There, too!

BTW, I think there was supposed to be some ROCK flying - *hopefully* - BY The PLANET, as well...?

    @AsteroidWatch 2011 EB74 safely passed Earth today at .85 lunar distances (327,000 km), the 13th known asteroid to pass between the Earth-moon this year.

Oh, and My SISTER is actually *going* HOME, Tomorrow!! -- hmm... Do You think "maybe" The UNIVERSE doesn't want Her to go...? STRANGER Things HAVE happened Before! Although, Personally, I'd prefer a WINNING Lottery Ticket! ...yeah! Like THAT'll *happen*!


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