Sunday, March 6, 2011

oh. LOOK! I've made a *New* FRIEND!

HIS NAME IS "RANDY"!  And, He's Young and Strapping and CUTE, too! Also... a SNOWPLOW GUY... Alas, a GOOD One though! -- Apparently, *not* all of "Them" are "EVIL"... Huh. Who *knew*?!

So. It was Bright-Cloudy. Just Cold enough so that ALL THAT WATER FROM YESTERDAY, was
"soft" ICE. -- Mostly... WITH, a *few* Inches of WET SNOW on Top!! -- Oh, JOY!

Meanwhile, My BOOTS weren't "quite" DRY yet... Nor, was My COAT... And, oh BTW, FATHER
"wanted" to get some "Exercise" in! -- Fast-forward to Me throwing the COAT and the rest of My GEAR into the DRYER, as I took a HAIR-BLOWER to the Insides of My damp FOOTWARE, whilst FATHER "started" on Our Afternoon of *BONDING*!

I'm surprised He managed to get the GARAGE Door opened! The Inch or so of WATER had made its way in and had Frozen Overnight... And, He'd done a few Shovelling strips down the Lane of the rather Heavy WET SNOW-SLUSH... I convinced Him to Tackle the Front Walkway, while I *did*
the Driveway.

After, I had scraped that SLUSH Layer, I began to contemplate the PLOW-POOP WALL, that for *once*, is actually IN the Road and NOT on My Curb! Then, there's that whole Path to The SEWER that needed "uncovering"... FATHER had managed a few Feet down the Way...

THEN, in *ANSWER* to My Plight, RANDY appeared!! -- At first, I thought, "EVIL SNOWPLOW GUY"... Dude is just gonna Tsunami on by as I stand there, pointing to the covered SEWER... But, THEN, He STOPS!!  *And*, OPENS His Window to TALK to Me!!

-- I have this Nanosecond long Brain-fart of Shocked-Disbelief-Damn!-And-He's-Cute-Too!...

I "explain" about the BURIED Sewer...yadda, yadda... -- And, not expecting much, since He's wielding this Ginormous Multi-Blade Plow that taking up most of the Roadway and He has the whole Street YET to do...

Anyhoo, LONG STORY SHORT - He says He has to finish down the Road, wait for the SALT TRUCK, and THEN, He would COME BACK!!


Of course, IF the Across-Street-Neighbours hadn't have Parked Their stupid Car SO CLOSE, RANDY *could* have cleaned everything up much easier and quicker and without stopping Traffic... Nevertheless, He took the Time to maneuver The MONSTER PLOW a few times in that tight spot without Crushing Stupid-Car!

I was Impressed! Smittened! And, *mucho* Grateful for the probable 15-Minutes of Heavy Shovelling He saved Me from! Granted, I still had to do a bit of scraping to expose the SEWER, but I had expected to.

During this Period, FATHER had gone Inside for a spell, whilst I began the CHOPPING of the Inch-plus LAYER of ICE over the Driveway. -- Remember, Yesterday's little "Flood-Plain"...?

Once more, FATHER came out - He shovelled some of My Choppings, then went off to the Back... About another Hour was spent on THAT, tried to take a stab at the Front Stoop Walkway's Three-Inches of SLUSH-ICE... However, that was getting to be a tad futile as the TEMPS were beginning to Drop, causing it to Harden more!

He went IN for good, as I finished up a few other Spots before retiring, Myself... But THEN, had to Chop more ICE *IN* the GARAGE so that I could GET the Door to LOCK!!

Now, "Rumour" has it, that there *might* be the "odd" FLURRY Tonight..? HOPE NOT! As it's Doubtful that I will be able to *MOVE*! -- And, My BOOTS need to DRY OUT some More!


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