Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hey! Who Left Those CLOUDS There?!

THEY'RE blocking out the SUNLIGHT!! - SHOO!! Go AWAY!!

Well... I suppose that it was *bound* to HAPPEN! Actually, I had pretty much "Predicted" it.
-- It ALWAYS does *when* I have to go DOWNTOWN. On the BUS. I probably should be Grateful that it DIDN'T RAIN!

Oh. Wait.. It did... However, only a FEW stray Drops. NOTHING really "noticeable"...

BTW! SAW My *FIRST* GROUNDHOG of the Season along The TRANSITWAY!! -- A *sure* SIGN of SPRING!! Then again, there was ONLY "One"... And, not a whole lot of Green going on... DUDE might just Starve!

Anyway... DOWNTOWN didn't look all that "Exciting"... okay.. *except* perhaps, for the Ancient Scrawny ROCKER Wannabe with the HOT PINK TROLL-HAIR perusing THE GAP!!

This was whilst, I was hitting a few of My Regular Haunts at the RIDEAU CENTRE. The OLD NAVY reno is finally finished. Looks nice. I got a couple of Summer "CARGOs" - a Capri Style in Ivory and a long Umber Pair, that I'm *hoping* to lose a FEW FAT CELLS to wear properly! -- Which, might take a couple of MORE SHOVEL-FESTS to DO!!



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