Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Probably SHOULDN'T Have KILLED That SPIDER Last Night...

MOTHER took Pics from the Front Window...

A Foot-HIGH of WET HEAVY SNOW from Overnight. TEMPS were 2C-plus. It was just starting to Lightly RAIN when I went Out. And, hasn't STOPPED!

FOUR+ HOURS LATER... With almost 2 Hours of FATHER's "Help", the Driveway is Cleared. I managed to *coerce* ANOTHER CITY GUY into "moving" THEIR 2-FT high Pile of PLOW-POOP *away* - beyond The SEWER.

The Front Walk still has that Layer of ICE under the 2-Inches of WATER, but the SNOW is gone! Although, the Front PATH to the Side of the House, continues to be a Collection of Deep-Water-Filled-BOOTPRINTS. And, despite the Little Snow Dikes, I *know* that the Garage will very likely FLOOD again several Feet IN.

Anyhoo... Here's a Glimpse into *MY* DAY!

After an Hour "IN", that's My *The-ONLY-Thing-DRY-on-Me-is-My-WIT* Grin!


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  1. And you didnt make one snowman, shame on you!!!!hugsx tinkx


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