Monday, March 14, 2011

Yo! SKY! Where'd You Put Those CLOUDS..??


Don't mind Me... just having a SOL-estrial-Moment....

It was rather "quiet" Out-in-The-CITY, Today... I believe it's SPRING BREAK for most of the Schools.
Then again, some of the Populace might be in a State of Shock from all the Shiny Non-Precipitation
and perhaps, those rather surprising "Telephonic" Rebate CHEQUES in the MAIL!!

Although, the Lunar-like POT-HOLES have a tendency to cure One of that particular little Malaise!

Anyhoo... after My swift Recovery from both Experiences, I headed out to COSTCO - it's been a while... And, I've discovered that going There on Mondays are somewhat LESS stressful.

Hmm... Got most of the Items on My List. And, "On Special"! -- What the...? -- The MILK is $4.19?!!

Haven't seen it THAT high in Years! -- It's usually anywhere from $3.85 to $3.95... Granted, $4.19 is the Regular Price Everywhere else, however, the Cheaper Price is WHY I go There.

Well, I guess We'll be picking up the next Load of Milk at CANADIAN TIRE! -- It's always $3.99. Just one of Their "Grocery Section" Sales Attractions... Not to mention, being LESS per Liter than Their GASOLINE.

Yeah, I know... I'm coming off as a tad "miserly" here, but, it's like "GAS PRICES"... Shy of some on-going Disaster and/or Emergency, there's just this "Matter of Principle" going on... sorta... AND, BTW, it's NOT about being "against" the wonderful, hard-working Local DAIRY COMMUNITY, but rather the "Government's" Fingers in the *Bucket*! ...just saying...

Meanwhile, got The CAR back Home in Time for FATHER to go and Deposit that Phone Cheque!


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