Saturday, March 19, 2011



It started out as being a tad Cooler, but that was a Good Thing - kept the MELTWATER at bay! -- All of that percolating Groundwater, got sucked back Down as it Froze, Overnight. Meanwhile, it *would* have been a Perfect Day for YARD SALES, *IF* there had been ANY Yards NOT still covered with WATER and SNOW!

So, We decided to head over to TRAINYARDS, instead...

  • No *new* YARN at WALMART. Just picked up a few Grocery Items.
  • Checked out SOLUTIONS - It's a "Pricey" Storage Items Specialty Store. It's always fun to spot Stuff that We acquired at YARD SALES for just a couple of Dollars - if that much! - but, costs a Fortune There!
  • BED, BATH, & BEYOND next door, seems to have more "Beyonds" than Bed or Bath...
  • And, whilst MOTHER continued to browse, I had to step OUT of the DOLLARAMA to get some FRESH AIR! The overwhelming SMELL of PLASTICS and "WHATEVER" was getting a tad Toxic for Me...
  • Off to MICHAEL'S to finish off My Gift Card!

MOTHER got a stack of SCAPEBOOKING SHEETS and I got This STUFF -

I couldn't resist the Squeezy HEDGEHOG! Still trying to come up with the "perfect" Name... Anyhoo, I'm using Him as a Therapeutic Toy for My Aching Right HAND! It's been killing Me ever since I started that ICE CHOPPING. I probably Sprained it...

Whatever... I thought He was CUTE!


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