Wednesday, March 23, 2011


AH, YES... My Eldest Niece, The MOM-of-PRINCESSES - formerly known as The MOM+BUMP - is *now* firmly entrenched into the Ranks of the "Thirty-Somethings"! -- I wish I *still* WAS!

But, enough of ANCIENT History!

So, it was another NICE Day - HERE - contrary to the crappy Weather Everyone ELSE living SOUTH of Ottawa was experiencing!  Once again, THANK YOU, Northerly High Pressure Front! -- We have a few "Personal" Things going on around HOME This Week and BAD Weather, would *NOT* be a Good Thing...

Meanwhile... I came across THIS on TWITTER this Afternoon from ANTHROPOLOGIE -

Cute, but BEYOND *Over*-Priced!!  -- Seriously. Just give Me a Chunk of CEDAR, a Sharp Carving Knife and/or Chisel, some Sand Paper, and a few Hours!

BTW, To My Recent NEW "FOLLOWERS", *Here* and on TWITTER...

Welcome to the *Madness*!!

So, grab a Snack. Get Comfy. Relax. And, ENJOY [*cough!*] the DAILY Accounts of My "...I-have-NO-Life..." operatic Existence!

And, Please NOTE - No Literary Critics were DELECTED in the Composing of this BLOOG!


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