Wednesday, March 2, 2011


ALTHOUGH, *NOT* the ONE that I was EXPECTING... However, it might be *more* Interesting, though!


P. 19 - Kind of cute - growing Seedlings IN Egg Shells. One could probably Fancy them up a bit with a bit of Food-Colouring *Artwork*..?

P. 33-34 - CHICKEN WIRE World! Some Cool Items, but a bit *over*-priced!

P. 36 - [LEFT] - I *LOVE* These SADDLE SHOES!! -- THIS is *what* a Proper SHOE should be Shaped like!! Sturdy, yet Casual. Stylish, *and* Functional! PRACTICAL, *NOT* the Cause of "Altitude Sickness" and/or Nosebleeds!

P. 40 - Great LUGGAGE! However, wouldn't last 2-Seconds once in the Maws of ANY of Today's "Handlers"!

P. 45 - Cute Painted CAST-IRON BUNNIES!

P. 58 - Hmm... An old Medicine Cabinet filled with Spices, instead of a SAFE, behind a PAINTING... Cool.

P. 60-61 - MASON JARS as the Bulb Cover for Pendant Lamps... Sure. Why not? BTW, love the SILK-COVERED QUILT!

P. 83 - [LEFT] - It's difficult to make out the Details of this QUILTED "ARIEL" MAP Artwork, but the Contour Lines have been Stitched.

P. 91 - [LEFT] - Another interesting LAMP SHADE Idea... Something to do with the Odd WIRE EGG BASKET that You might have laying about...

P. 93 - Wonderful Leather CHAIR. And, an equally as awesome PLANTATION One!

P. 95 - [LEFT]Ahh... The "NAUTICAL" WALL! Such a yar Collection of SHIP Artwork! I certainly wouldn't mind having a few of Those in MY

P. 96-97 - [ABOVE RIGHT] - Quite Bold FLOWER ART! The Placement "works" for Me... Although, I'd prefer *Solids* for the Bed Linens and Pillows. The Bedwear is distracting!

P. 99 - [LEFT] - I'm *IN LOVE* with This Vignette! Perfect PAINT COLOUR to go with THE PAINTING *and* ITS "Theme". Great BASKETS. Hope that Those TOWELS are Softer than They look...?

P. 108 - [RIGHT] - I'm not really big on the whole *Stripe* Thing going on Here, OR on That LIGHTING FIXTURE... However, I *do* like the GALLERY-in-the-Hallway Scheme.

P. 112-117 - The HAYCATION... It's a *different* Take on the Cottage Concept - I suppose...
-- Don't mind Me, I just enjoy being a 'BURB-BABE! And, prefer My "..Cations" to be of the "Tropical Beach" variety...


I have 2 NEW *Step* NEPHEWS now... "J" is the Eldest - *Mid*-Teen... BOTH of Them are Handsome LADS and *awesome* Additions to Our FAMILY!!  I just WISH that They didn't Live SO Far Away!!


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