Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, the SNOW-teenth!

oh, yeah... "YESTERDAY", WAS JUST A *TASTE*!!

*THREE* HOURS out THERE!! - It would have been closer to FOUR, if not FOR the *Kindness* of Neighbourly SNOWBLOWERS!!

Looked like 6 to 8 Inches of PACK-SNOW. We're talking the Building-Blocks-of-Snowmen-Clone-Armies here. - The result of FREEZING-RAIN and FLUFFY-FLAKES getting it together... And, of course, IT was STILL coming Down the Whole Time that I was OUT! Although, not as bad as Yesterday... most of the Time...

As I did Yesterday, started out across the Street over at MADAME-Q's... Deeper there. Yet, so Pristine.. hang on.. "Where" did the Snowbank along the Fence GO?! - [not that I'm "complaining"..]

hmm... It *appears* that MR.FIX-IT-NEIGHBOUR likely Removed IT Last Night..? - No matter! I spent nearly 40-Minutes FILLING the "Space" once AGAIN!

Next, OUR Laneway! *THIS* might take a WHILE!

But, THEN - about 10-Minutes in - after "Locating" the CURB and defining the Edges of the PLOW-Droppings and Shoveling out little "Keyholes", MR.NOT-SO-FRIENDLY-NEWER-NEIGHBOUR-NEXT-DOOR brings His Snowblower over!!

Well. There's a FIRST!

In LESS than 5-Minutes - [and any actual Conversation] - He Cleared up the Roadway AND Laneway!! That *certainly* SAVED Me a good HOUR worth of LABOUR and Cardiac Damage!!

To be Sure, I **THANKED** Him PROFUSELY!!

I was just Tidying up the Area some more, when FATHER made an Appearance... I left Him to Finish that whilst I moved on to the Remaining heavy-work of the FRONT-WALK and SIDE.

Fortunately, He didn't insist on Clearing the Porch-Awning and went back IN after a Half-Hour! Naturally, I stayed Out for a bit Longer to do the "Finishing" Touches...

So. I'm POOPED!! And, *hoping* for CLEAR Conditions for Tomorrow. There's SHOPPING to be DONE!!


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