Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oooo!! STASH-FEST...


So... It's SATURDAY.
"SLIGHTLY" Warmer out...
We haven't been to THE SALLY-ANN in over a Month..!!

I *KNEW* We should've headed to the tiny "YARN/FABRIC" Section in the Back as SOON as We came in! Our "delay", thwarted Our Possession of even more BETTER-Coloured YARN!! -- NUTS!

Apparently, Someone - [Who likely lacked any Needlecrafting Skills] - had *Donated* what
"appears" to be a Probable-"Late"-Relative's YARN STASH!! -- Mostly, of the PURE WOOL Kind...

FAIRY-T?... GATE-GIRL?... I thought of You BOTH when I spied THIS "Little" HOARD!!

The YELLOW One is from NEW ZEALAND - The TOP Two are from CONDON

The "Quality" of the Several Containers' Contents, were of a more basic-grade of Fiber...

A few odd Skeins of MOHAIR was about as "Fancy" as it got. However, IT was an *OLD* Stash... Most of which was from CONDON'S YARN of Charlottetown, P.E.I.

I'm uncertain as to whether the Company *still* Exists!? The ONLY "Good" Reference I could find was THIS Article --

-- By way of... String 'n Things


I Secured SIX 4-oz. SKEINS of the ABOVE - [$1.99 each] - Worsted YARN. The Same-Type balled-up ONES were amongst Two BAGS - [$2.99 each] - of OTHER BALLS - [BELOW].

I Believe that ALL of THESE are actually 100% WOOL, but I will "Test" Them later just to be Certain! And, WASH Them... As to WHAT I'll Make from Them..? I'm seeing Felting as a Probable Future!

BTW, the "Dish" is a PIE PLATE. From Brazil. HAND-Turned, I suspect...IT's far from being
"perfectly" Shaped... But, IT "called" to Me...

Anyhoo, We ended up spending quite some Time There. Partially, MY fault, as I was engaged in some interesting Discussion with the AUCTION-SET-UP-LADY...

The STORE has a Monthly Pre-Bid-Live Auction of any High-End Items. She was just in the Process of "Cataloguing" the Current Inventory... I was offering Her some Research "Insight" on a Few of the Pieces. -- "COLLECTOR"-of-TOO-Many-Things, remember?

Afterward, We were off to FABRICLAND... I "Rescued" THIS REMNANT - [ABOVE] - 100% COTTON. Just only about a Half-Yard. Also, Saved a Half-Meter of some heavy-Cotton CANVAS. IT might be Useful for *Some* Thing..?

Last Stop was LOBLAW... And, LAST Pickings of the CHRISTMAS Stuff! MOTHER hadn't BEEN There for a few Days... Mind You, She DID Find a Lovely "GINGERBREAD-House"-Village-Baking-PAN for *under* $7.!!



  1. Oooh! Lucky you! I haven't stumbled upon a horde like that in a long time! And the old-no-longer-being-made kind is some of my favorite stuff, especially for felting.

    That cotton canvas is beautiful. For a long time our thrift shops had piles and bundles of scrap fabrics, a lot of cottons, but there's not been anything worth picking up in a long time.

    Glad you scored, you deserve it after all that shoveling!

  2. Wow great stuff sno, they dont sell wool over here in our thrift shops, or knitting needles, cos of health and safety can you believe it?? hugs tinkx


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