Sunday, January 8, 2012

hmm...So, THAT's "How" IT's Done!

I'VE YET TO PUT "KNOWLEDGE" INTO "PRACTICE" -- But, I might just have Acquired a *New* SKILL-SET..?

TUNISIAN CROCHET... Earlier, MOTHER had INSISTED that I View a Video portion of One of the PBS "Knitting" Shows that had a Feature on said Methodology. The EXPERT used a really BIG HOOK! And, Big YARN. -- Their Use was most Effective in the Demonstration.

I. Can. *DO*. THAT!

However, NOT right *Now*... I've still got a Few Skeins in the Fire at the Moment... And, I'd need to Decide on WHAT - and *with* What - to APPLY this Newfound *potential* Ability to.

Meanwhile, MOTHER just "happened" have THE Perfect HOOK at the Immediate Ready for My Disposal!?! -- hmm... Parental-Units and Their Ulterior Motives..?

BTW, DON'T Tell Her, but I've just been "Researching" YOU-TUBE for *other* TUNISIAN
"Stitches" Instructional Videos! -- Oooo.. "Two"-Colours...IN-the-Round...

aarrgggghhhh!!!! -- I *hate* IT when the Creative-Juices come to a BOIL! They just end up Bubbling up all *over* REAL LIFE -- AND, Cutting INTO My Oh-So-Precious-And-Enjoyed
"Shoveling-Time"!! -- We certainly *can't* have THAT now, CAN We..??!!



  1. oh great. I did put my crochet hook away, you know. :D

  2. Tried this new fangled crochet...and I am kicking myself for not picking up the tunisian hook I saw at the thrift store a few months ago, but I was thinking, what in the world is that kind of hook?? It's fun!


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