Monday, January 30, 2012

On the Receiving End...

WELL... SILLY-ME! AND, HERE I THOUGHT that Taking a Day OFF from My CRYO-HYDROLOGICAL-RELOCATION Duties would be the *Highlight* of My Day!

But, alas, *not* SO!

First off, The SUN was OUT for the Second Day in a Row! And THEN, to *discover* the Receipt of not ONE, but *TWO* Postal Items that were NOT Bills, Junk, and/or Boring-Financial-Reports!
-- Perhaps, more surprisingly, "THEY" had Arrived in an "early" Timely-Manner...

THEY were *CARDS*... BIRTHDAY CARDS!! - BOTH filled with *much* appreciated [on MY part] Heart-felt Sentiments... One, from My #1 "BFF", SISTER-S!

And, the Other, from My "Baby"-Brother, SGT.-DOC -- I can't remember the last Time that He's *ever* "Hand"-written THAT Much! - [INSERT BIG-Sister Smirk]

Thankfully, with My Decades of "Experience" in "Interpreting" the Penmanship of *many* a DOCTORATE - [BTW, My longtime Interest in "Archaeology", doesn't *Hurt*, either!] - I can *still* READ His CUNEIFORM-like Scratchings!

Quite *opposite* to SISTER-S' flourishing Script that would make a Medieval-Book-Copying-Monk Proud!

Anyhoo, from There, it was a Day of Cyber-Catch-Up, Reading, Vegging, AND awaiting the NEXT onslaught of WEATHER!!



  1. lol @ "that would make a Medieval-Book-Copying-Monk Proud!"

    happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday m'dear! Hope you have a wonderful day, with little snow and lots of cotton instead!


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