Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well! I. Am. "P*SSED"!!

AARRGGHHHHH!!!! stupid *&)$=#^($%#&* LOTTERY "numbers"!!

..and, here I WAS trying to come up with a "Title" for Today's POST when, I decided to check on the Day's Lottery Numbers...

I just *knew* "Something" was SCREWY and Not-*QUITE*-Right-With-The-UNIVERSE! -- BTW, the BIG-HONKING-ROCK that NO ONE spotted UNTIL the LAST MINUTE that **MISSED** US the Other Day, was just a Decoy!

Nooo, Tonight... My "Numbers" to Win $100. *Came Out*! - HOWEVER, My "TICKET" *EXPIRED*
YESTERDAY!! -- aarrrggghhhhh!!!


O-kay. Pretty-FLUFFY-FLAKES are EVIL!! ..just saying...

And, "Above"-Freezing-Temps aren't so *innocent*, either!

The Front-Step was ICED-over from the Roof-Melt. Had to walk over the Snow-covered little Patch of Garden along the House-Front. Then, a Quickie-Shovel of certain bits so MOTHER could get to The CAR without Slipping!

The SHOVELS are already "Booked" for a 3-Hour-CHOP-&-SCRAPE-&-SCOOP Session for Tomorrow!

So, First Stop - THE BIG MALLBut, *only* for a Few Moments! ...At least, THAT was "The PLAN" - which, did NOT include the OUT-OF-SERVICE Elevator in the Parking Structure, OR, the
15-Minute WAIT at The BANK!

Off to TRAINYARDS... And, the Obligatory Stop at WALMART... Then, the "Main-Event" Visit to MICHAEL'S.

THIS YARN is about the ONLY "LINE" of 100% WOOL that I could Find There! I don't have any BLACK Wool. -- SALES and COUPONS were Involved...

I thought the little METAL LANTERNS were Cute... And, could probably be Used for *SOME*
Thing ELSE..?

EASTER Stuff is OUT! -- I'm such a sucker for Ceramic Ornaments...

An Hour later, We were off to the "Old Neighbourhood" for a bit of Groceries. Nasty Parking-Lot conditions... oh! look! Evil-Fluffy-Flakes falling... Time to head to THE MALL and wrap-up this Expedition!

There was this Slight-SALE...

And, since I haven't Purchased COTTON YARN for a while.. Did I mention that I had a Redeemed-Points-$10.-Gift-Card bent on Escaping from My Pocket..?

"The Math"!

Oh..and, so You
"know", I'm STILL



  1. I wish I could find the Bernat yarn here...closest thing we have is Hobby Lobby's version!


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