Friday, January 20, 2012

What I **Didn't** DO!

SINCE THIS WHOLE "SNOW" *THING* began at Christmas, I've been *quite* "Insistent" as to ITS *Removal* as SOON as Possible! -- Except, for *Today*...

The threatening "FLURRIES" ended up being a mere Dusting. Certainly, NOT worth the efforts of getting Geared-Up for the Frigid Temps! - I had more pressing Matters to attend "On-Line", *during* Business Hours.

Usually, I would "tidy up" the Areas to Prevent any additional Inconveniences later on, when there are any major Accumulations. I just hope that My minor "neglect" of Today, doesn't end up haunting Me in the not-so-distant Future!??

Meanwhile... I've "Completed" the KNITTING Portion of the "PUR-PLEX".  -- oh, IT's going to be a PILLOW after all... Now, I just have to FELT IT. Stuff IT. And, Seam up the Sides...

FOLDED over and Seamed into a Tube. Ready to FELT.

You know, I've never really *actually* Done any FELTING before... I do hope IT all Works out...


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