Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I've Made Up A *New* WORD!!

JUST "NOW"!! -- Really. I have! That "sort" of Thing happens ALL of the Time, *when* I'm Pressed to come up with SOMEthing to Bloog-About!

Are You READY??!!


What??! -- You were Expecting Something *more* Epiphanic..? - [Which IS a Word, BTW! - I checked.]

Afterall, IT was just the usual Boring-UNeventful-Shovel-Chop-Already-Did-The-Laundry-Nothing-In-The-MAIL-Didn't-Touch-The-YARN-Or-Go-Anywhere-Just-Caught-Up-On-My-Reading-I've-Already-Mentioned-That-I-HAVE-*NO*-LIFE!-Remember? sort of Day...

Anyhoo... *GLICE* is how I Describe the "Quality" of the particular Type of Precipitation that befell upon My Laneway overnight. -- IT is ICE that Adheres ITSELF into *every* "minute" Surface-Pore...

Today's Version had an English-Muffin appearance with all of ITS little Holes, and broke off into Icy-Pebbles... SCRAPING was met with Limited Success.

As I stated, a Boring-[SEE ABOVE]-Day!

-- Oh! LOOK! -- hehe!! *Made* You Read The BLOOG!!


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