Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting My VEG On..

...AS, I *ENJOY* TWO-STRAIGHT Days of **NOT** SHOVELING!! -- 'Cause, Tomorrow... I'm looking at a FEW Inches! far... -- I "peeked" OUT of the Window earlier...

So... The STOCK MARKETS were UP again... THIS is Good! - Nothing like Starting the NEW YEAR with a little Financial "Teasing", huh?

OH! The February Issue of  STYLE AT HOME came in! -- Be *sure* to Check IT Out, as BLOOG-Buddies - "THE RAMBLING RENOVATORS" have a FEATURED PHOTO SPREAD *in* IT!! Totally *AWESOME* or What??!!

Meanwhile, did some more Knitting as I began My Semi-Marathon Viewing of My *newly* purchased SHERLOCK HOLMES DVDs! -- The *Keyword* here, is "SOME"... I kept getting Caught-Up in the Episodes! IT really IS *ALL* about the "Details"...

Anyhoo, TWO DISCS done... TEN *more* to GO!!


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  1. try knitting watching the All Blacks , stitches get dropped!!hehhe


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