Monday, January 23, 2012

Well...Looks Like My SnowCATION Is Over..

WOW! **FIVE** DAYS of NOT Shoveling!! -- well.. *Except* for the Removal of Slush from the Car Tires, which does NOT *Count*!

TOMORROW, promises to be a SCOOP, CHOP, and SCRAPE Day... Apparently, FATHER did a little bit of THAT earlier, whilst putting out the Trash. TEMPS are above Freezing, and there's been RAIN.

Just HOPE, I can stay ahead of any Flooding! And, that IT *doesn't* Rain *when* I'm OUT there! -- Being ABLE to GET down from the Front-Step and making it to the Garage *without* Slipping would be GOOD, too!

In the meantime, I've been at My "Latest" PROJECT... Another "COWL" for ME... I like the Colours - [which are alas, *bang-on* for once!!]too much to Part with IT!



  1. Aye, I would be holding on to whatever I might make with that yarn as well. Gorgeous!


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