Thursday, January 26, 2012

"ME"-Day, Myself, and Not-So-Many Other People...


I started out Late, as FATHER had used The CAR earlier, so I was left to wait for ITS Return. However, as "THEY" Say, "Timing IS Everything..." -- TRAFFIC was on the *quiet* side at that Time.

COSTCO. Needed to get Milk, and I hate going There ON Weekends! Besides, I have *OTHER* Shopping PLANS for Saturday - IF The Weather is "agreeable"..?

Anyway, NO nasty Crowds There - [INside or OUT!] . Or, anything Else worth mentioning, with the Exception of just enough Food Samples to keep Me "Fed".

hmm... It was SUNNY out *when* I left The HOUSE... - [OVERCAST. Not a good sign...]

On to THE MALL...

And, OF COURSE, *ALL* of the "SALES" begin TOMORROW - "when" The WEATHER *will* be CRAPPY! -- SNOW, FREEZING RAIN, yadda, yadda..[Oops! Watch out for--oooww..that's gonna HURT!]

I Power-Browsed... Bought "Snacks"... Also, a LILAC-shade Cotton-Wool SWEATER that was ON SALE because I LIKED the Colour. And, "because" I *Really*-Needed-ANOTHER-Sweater-**NOT**!!

Hey! Remember? - **"ME"**-Day!! -- Besides, where's the FUN in That, when ALL I've Bought is Milk, Paper-Towels, Junkfood, and Losing Lottery Tickets..??! Huh?


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