Saturday, December 14, 2013

f-f-f-frakking *F-Frostbite*, "FROSTY"!! It's FREEZING *FRIGID* Out There!!


However, TODAY was Completely OVERCAST - [Solar-Heating from DIRECT Sunlight *does* make a DIFFERENCE!] - and, the WINDS were *quite* STRONG and WHET! -- The Resulting WINDCHILL, -30C! -- [-22F]

Meanwhile, NOT knowing exactly "WHEN" the Lastest *BIG-STORM* was going to "HIT", We kept Our SHOP-FESTING *Close-by*, with an "Afternoon at THE MALL"... NOTHING "Exciting", just MUCH WALKING! -- Mostly, trying to keep *TRACK* of MOTHER! - [She is rather Short and Scurries off a lot...]

Anyhoo... The SNOW didn't Start until MID-Evening and is on the LIGHTER-side for the Moment..?

We're just skirting the BACK-*EDGE* of the SYSTEM! The WINDS have also LESSened and TEMPS are slightly RISING... "Hopefully", by Dawn, We'll be OUT of "The ZONE"..?!!
-- Either way, "SHOVELLING" *will* be on TOMORROW's AGENDA...

So. Still "PLAYING" with THE *NEW* CAMERA... The AUTO-FOCUS seems to be a tad Tricky... whatever...

HERE's that Recently-Finished TOQUE...


"Classic Wool"
- 100% New WOOL
- [made in TURKEY]
- Colour: 00226-Black


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  1. A hat is certainly needed in this cold weather, this one looks so cosy.

    Jan x


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