Thursday, December 12, 2013

yay! - The THIRD-HAT is Done!

[...hang on... "THIRD" HAT..? - *WHAT* "THIRD-HAT"?!]

yeah. yeah... I *know*... The PINK and the BLACK "FLOPPY" HATS *aren't* even Finished, YET! -- Not to mention, THE BLANKET!

BUT... I just had this "craving" to whip-up a TOQUE! - A BLACK ONE... As a "BACK-UP" for PRINCESS-TALL-TEEN. In the *Event* that Her MOTHER decides to "Borrow" the CURRENT-BLACK-ONE-IN-PROGRESS!!

[psst! - *DON'T* TELL Her!!]

Besides, ONE can never have *too many* BLACK HATS, n'est pas?! - And, She does have a BIRTHDAY coming up in February... Just thought I'd get a Head-Start! -- BTW, SORRY about the LACK of Pics...

seriously. Being CAMERA-LESS totally *Sucks*!! - Hopefully, I can Remedy THAT  Little *PROBLEM* This Weekend..?!

Meanwhile, I suppose I should get Back to the OTHER HATS... again!


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