Sunday, December 15, 2013

IT was LIGHT! IT was DRY! IT was sooo FLUFFY!!


oh wait... Could it be "because" there was a FOOT of IT and then, there was the EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY's 6-Feet-Outward *HEAVY*-PLOW-POOP "Contribution"..? AND, I also *needed* to REMOVE as much as I could from the ROOF-LINE...

The TEMPS might have been a CRISPY -15C, but once IT warms up, that "Nice" FLAKY-FLUFF will turn straight into Crystal-Hard-ICE! - NOT a "Good-Thing" to have sitting on Your Roof...

ANYHOO, We got *LUCKY* Last Night! That "BIG STORM" just *clipped* Us with ITS Northern-Back-Edge... And the "COLD" was what kept the SNOW Quality "DRY"!

MEANWHILE... Although He *KNOWS* that He *shouldn't*, FATHER was OUT doing the Laneway - [just to the Curb, Thankfully!] - and the Front-WALKWAY, *before* I got UP! - [It's an annoying *OLD-GUY*-Thing He does..]

Soooo, of course, that meant I had to RUSH through Breakfast, then DO the OTHER "CHORES" that I had wanted to "take My Time with" BEFORE commencing with the "SCHEDULED" CRYO-HYDROLOGICAL-DISPLACEMENT...

I didn't Finish until AFTER SUNDOWN! -- To be Honest, IT was difficult to tell, since IT had been OVERCAST and I was still wearing My SUNGLASSES! - [a Shovelling-MUST-Have!]

whatever... EVERYTHING was TRIM & TIDY! -- Tomorrow's GARBAGE-GUYS should be "grateful" for the *Clear* CAN-Access... IF, EVIL-SNOWPLOW-GUY doesn't come-by again to MESS it all up!?

Once I was IN, I still had a Load of LAUNDRY to HANG! -- I'd forgotten about THAT...
- [crap!]

Needless to say, My LOWER-BACK is *killing* Me!

-- Having to do the SIDE of the HOUSE is always *AWKWARD* and is usually the primary Culprit for Said PAIN. - Then again, Handling that 12-Foot-Long ALUMINUM BRUSH-POLE to Clear the ROOF-EDGES, probably doesn't HELP either!

I "napped" after Supper for a bit, but despite the Current "Hour", I really have a hankering to WIND-DOWN with some STITCHINESS *after* I get THIS Posted! - Which, I'm gonna DO, NOW!


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