Monday, December 16, 2013

Did a bit of THIS... Done some of THAT...


Which, took up most of My Evening... Whilst My "Day" was spent catching up on CYBER-STUFF, and *WAITING* for WEB-PAGES to LOAD!

I think that SUNNY -25Cness OUT There, was Freezing EVERYTHING "UP"!!

oh. And, then there's the Part where My LEFT-HIP - [and Lower Back] - was *killing* Me!! That whole "SITTING-DOWN" and "GETTING-*UP*" thing is just a tad **PAINFUL**... "LYING-DOWN" ain't working out so *well*, either!

Sooo... Based on My previous "PHYSIO"-Experience, I'm thinking that the Bulk of the "Problem" are the HIP-TENDONS..?? -- whatever... Yesterday's SHOVEL-FEST has definitely caught-UP to Me!

But, NO Worries... I'll be Seeing My CHIROPRACTOR later in the Week, anyway... A little "Stretch"-Time on "THE RACK" should Fix IT all right up!

However, for NOW, I *must* be OFF to BED! -- *IF* the "Forecasted"-SNOW holds OFF, I've got SHOP-FARI-ing to DO Tomorrow!


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