Saturday, June 23, 2012

"STRUCTUBE"-ular Shopping Savings!


"Normally" on Saturdays, when the Weather is "good", We do the YARD-SALE-Circuit... However, considering how **HOT** the Temps have been, I figured that MOST-PEOPLE would likely Skip "this" Weekend and just head to "The COTTAGE" or Hang-Around-the-POOL, instead of dealing with STRANGERS on Their BARBECUE-DRIVEWAYS..?

Besides, MICHAEL'S had one of those "TIME-LIMITED-15%-OFF"-SALES! -- Oh, and the "FISHERMEN'S WOOL" was HALF-PRICE, too!! -- I don't recall seeing *THAT* happen before...

So, after the briefest of Non-Purchasing-"Stops" at the One YARD SALE on Our Street - [the Same One where I picked up that SEWING BOX of "GOODIES" Last Saturday] - along the way, We headed out to the TRAINYARDS...

hmm... for a Saturday, IT seems to be rather "Quiet"..??

As MOTHER piddled about with the Outside-Bins, I pointed Myself toward the YARN-Section
- with a toss of another RIBBON into My Cart...

ah! I was hoping to find some of that PATON "Classic Wool" in an IVORY-shade! - [I have
"Plans"..] - Meanwhile, there wasn't any "Sale"-Signs around the "FISHERMEN'S WOOL", so I had to "ASK" about IT. -- [I'm going to have to start bringing "The FLYER" with Me, as there are *never* ANY in The Store!]

Awaiting My "Answer" at the Front of the Store, I just *happened* to NOTICE the

IT's *right* inside the Door,
I'm surprised that I had MISSED IT!!

Oooo... Some *Interesting* STUFF!

Originally-Retailing at $54.99, the MARTHA STEWART Crafts "Knit & Weave Loom Kit"
was going for $13.74... With the "DISCOUNT", I got that down to $11.68!

- The 2-*missing*-Pieces can be *easily* substituted with the OTHER-Enclosed-Ones...

Jammed into the Lower-Shelf of The RACK, was This "BEAD-LANDING" STORAGE KIT!!

-- LOTS and *LOTS* of SEED-BEADS!!

"INSIDE", there was a Pair of Wire-Cutters, Wire, a Bead-Scoop... The
"Damage" was only to ONE of the 5-Containers, which I'm CERTAIN that I can "REMEDY"!!

Previously $36.99, I eventually got IT for $7.85!! -- I Love little BEADS!! And, soooo MANY Colours...

hmm...that LOOM might come in Handy after all.
-- [GATE-GIRL..? STOP Drooling!!]

BTW, halfway through My "Digging", MOTHER *finally* came INTO the Store! -- She found a Couple of Small-Items-of-Interest for Herself...

ONCE We were *OUT*, sitting in The CAR for a few moments, MOTHER "spotted" a Particular-Store across the Roadway that She had never "noticed" before - [despite, IT having been "there" for a WHILE!] -- I'm just not a big *Fan* of the Place, so I haven't been over to that Section...

However, NEXT DOOR to IT IS an ESTABLISHMENT that I *have* been meaning to "Check OUT"!! -- So, We drove on over... MOTHER went into "Her" Store, and I went into STRUCTUBE!!

THIS STORE, is now on My "LOTTERY-*SHOPPING*-LIST"!! And, quite surprisingly, the "PRICES" were considerably *Lower* than I had Expected! ..ahh, IF ONLY, I had "the ROOM"... Not to mention, WALL-*SPACE*! -- There was this One ART-PIECE that "Caught-My-Eye"...

Anyhoo... The *BEST* Part of My Pre-Potential-Purchasing-PERUSAL was the equally Surprising **FREE** 5Meter-RETRACTABLE-METAL-TAPE-MEASURES that the VERY-**NICE**-FRIENDLY-STAFF were GIVING-OUT!! -- MOTHER received One as well, when She came in.

I will *definitely* be GOING BACK!

-- THEY did have an intriguing "Decorative" SILVER BALL that I have a hankering to Acquire..?

WALMART was Next... Just picked up some of My Fav JUICE -- which, appears to be on the way of being "replaced" by SMALLER BOTTLES..??!! -- pooh!! NOT. HAPPY...

From There, a few more GROCERY-GETTING Stops, then LOBLAW... I think I might have
"JINXED" THEIR "Financial-Systems"..??

I have THEIR Charge-Card... And, when I had used IT earlier at WALMART, I *mistakenly* used a Different PIN... Hence, "Freezing-up" the Card, ecetera. A "Problem" that I could not RECTIFY until I got HOME and made a "CALL"...

Meanwhile, I had accepted the Fact that I would "Lose-out" on acquiring any "Store-POINTS" for My Purchases, WHEN SUDDENLY... Over the PA-System, it was "Announced" that there was *some* "TECHNICAL-DIFFICULTY" with THEIR "Banking-Connection" and that THEY could **ONLY** accept "CASH"-PAYMENTS!!

oh-kaay... NOW, I don't Feel *so bad* about Those "Points"!

-- oh, Look! All of the LONG-CHECKOUT-LINES have moved over to the BANK-MACHINES!!

A "GOOD" THING that I actually *have* CASH "on Me", huh?!

ahh... KARMIC-ECONOMICS, gotta Love IT!!


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  1. ~pouts and then drools!~

    I never find anything that much fun at OUR Michaels!!

    And I love love the seed beads! You'll have fun with those.

    Great finds!


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