Thursday, June 14, 2012

**700** Daily POSTS!!


OH! *And*, IT's AVALANCHE-KID'S BIRTHDAY, too! YAY!! -- [actually, I should probably Change that to "AVALANCHE-DUDE" now, considering His "current" AGE!]

As well, IT was PERFECT-WEATHER-DAY-2-IN-A-ROW... I "celebrated" with a MILK-RUN-to-COSTCO! -- ahh..Can I "Party" or What!?! huh?

right. so. "THE BAD NEWS"... A couple of the NUMBERS that I had been "Playing" for the Last Week or so, BUT, Did-NOT-Choose-For-THIS-Week's-LOTTERY-Ticket "came-out", TONIGHT!

-- pooh!! I could have WON $7.! - [I probably should have CANCELLED that Stock-Bid, too...]

"THE GOOD NEWS"... *HAD* I Won, then THIS - - might have HAPPENED!?!

However, *IF* You're Reading THIS POST, I'm going to ASSUME that whole MASS-EXTINCTION-Thingy is now MOOT..? At least, *for* TONIGHT anyway?!



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