Saturday, June 16, 2012

BAGging About *BOOTY* Boxes...

MOTHER HAS THIS "THING" FOR **BAGS**... In particularly, **FREE** BAGS!
-- However, more on THAT, Later...

IT was a *SCORCHER* Day! We left in the LATE Morning, with Intents on heading straight [sorta]
to BEACON HILL... BUT, We kinda got Side-Tracked with the Several YARD-SALES in *OUR* Neighbourhood!!

The FIRST, was at a "Regular" One -- We always get *GREAT* DEALS there! Such as THIS Bunch of FABRIC REMNANTS... All COTTON, except for the PLAID WOOL Piece. REALLY-NICE-YARD-SALE-LADY let Me have the LOT for a DOLLAR. As well as, 4-SMALL-BALLS of COTTON YARN for another "LOONIE"!

Over on the Next Street in a CUL...


For 50-Cents, I picked up THIS rather nicely Textured

I love the *feel* of Salt-Glazed Pottery. The PIECE is Stamped and Signed with the Name "WILSON". -- Those GUYS were Selling a bunch of "GOLF"-Stuff..?

So, I do have to wonder as to whether THIS is Golf-Related somehow..?

We Back-Tracked to further down Our Street...

As MOTHER was BUSY Bargaining on some METAL-DESK-TABLE Contraption, I *Spied* THIS Unsuspecting-Little-Treasure-Trove...

IT's an Old SEWING-BOX that's been Crudely-Repaired over the Years.

And, compared to My Previous-$5.-Purchase some Time ago - [SEE 19SEP2010 POST] - of an Old LARGE-REALLY-GREAT-CONDITION-BOX, at $3. THIS ONE was sorely "LACKING"! -- at First Glance...

However, after taking a quickie Pandora-Peek of the "CONTENTS", I took a Chance...

LOTS of STUFF!! -- THREAD!! An Assortment of BITS & BOBS that I've still to really Check out. AND, Two OTHER *Surprising* GOODIES!!

The FIRST, was The ABOVE *VINTAGE*-BOXWOOD-and-BRASS-FOLDING-12-INCH-RULER!! Although IT has NO "Markings" except for "No.69", I have since Discovered - on EBAY
- that IT's a "STANLEY". -- *Mine* is in MUCH Cleaner Condition than Those "on Auction"!!

The Brass-Inlay is so Beautifully done! I've yet to find out  how OLD IT is. -- As it happens, MOTHER also has a YARD-Stick Version from a Different Company, with similar "tooling"... IT was My GRANDFATHER's and is at the *very* least 65-Years-Old!

The SECOND "GOODIE" is Several - [I spotted about 4 so far..] - EXTREMELY-Well-Made-GLASSED[?]-over-ENAMEL-on-STERLING[?]-BUTTONS!! -- THEY appear to be SCHOOL-BLAZER-Type BUTTONS. There's a "CREST" and "MOTTO" - which is leading Me towards RUTGERS..? -- I have *much* RESEARCH to DO on THEM!

"WHEN" We finally did GET to BEACON HILL, the *only* SALE still "Open" was at Another "REGULAR" One! -- Where, for a DOLLAR, I Acquired - The ABOVE"Actual"-SIZE - 2x1.75" - Genuine WATER-COLOUR!!

The Frame is a bit Dinged on the Upper-Left-Corner, but I'm thinking about RE-Framing IT anyway. IT could *do* with having an Acid-Free MATTE!

So. ABOUT Those "BAGS"...

BETWEEN Our "YARD"-Work and SHOP-editions, We stopped by the Annual "FUN-FAIR" that the LOCAL-COUNCILLOR Sponsors.

-- FREE HOT DOGS! FREE **BAGS**!! Amusement-Rides, Police-Car-Fire-Engine-Crawl-all-Overs for the Many-Sun-FRYING-Munchkins!

IT's been held for the Last Couple of Years *behind* the Local ICE-ARENA - with LIMITED PARKING! -- I'm still in Shock over getting IN *AND* OUT of the Place! -- Previously, the EVENT was considerably Larger when IT had been over at "THE MALL". On a Sunday. With LOTS of Parking!

ANYHOO, the Outcome of this *LONG*-HOT-DAY-NOT-SO-SHORT...



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