Friday, June 15, 2012



A rather RARE Moment occurred Today...

Despite My profound LACK of "VEHICULAR-MECHANICAL-Knowledge", I do nevertheless, possess a certain Aptitude for "GADGET-ty"-Things. AND, have Small-Steady-Fingers! *QUALITIES* that FATHER was in *need* of to affect a particular "CAR" REPAIR!!

Apparently, the Not-THAT-Old-Left-WINDSHIELD-WIPER had COME OFF as He had been Cleaning underneath IT!!

He was Concerned that "Something" might have Accidently Snapped-and-or-Fell-OFF!? -- They *don't* Make THEM like They USED TO!

Anyhoo... AFTER My EXAMINATION and Comparison with the OTHER-BLADE, the "PART" in Question *appeared* to be INTACT. Just - in My Opinion - POORLY Designed and PLASTIC! -- This is *where* THE PAPER-CLIP comes to the Rescue!

Once I had finally "Figured-Out" - [at least, I HOPE I did!] - HOW all of the PARTS
"INSERTED" into WHERE & WHAT, I made *certain* that THEY'd CONTINUE to with the *HELP* of the Handy-Dandy-Plastic-Coated-CLIP.

NOTE-TO-SELF... *TEST* BLADE "SECURITY" while **IN** Driveway during Next RAINFALL.

I *do* HOPE that what I *did* WORKS... I'd hate to think that 30-Years of CLERICAL
"Ingenuity" would have gone to WASTE!

-- ahh...the Things I can *do* with STAPLES and TAPE...


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