Thursday, September 19, 2013


TOMORROW IS SISTER's BIRTHDAY... And, over the Past Months, I've been GATHERING an Assortment of STUFF for Her - that is "Located" in *DIFFERENT* Places...

At the Moment, I'm feeling like a STARVING-AMNESIC-SQUIRREL "in SEARCH of" ITS **NUTS**!!

ANYHOO... I've spent the *better* part of the Evening TRYING to CARVE a "DENT" into "THE ROOM", *hoping* to FIND Some - [ANY] - of the ITEMS that I've been INTENDING to Give to VARIOUS-RELATIVES for Their BIRTHDAYS, The HOLIDAYS, "oh-gee-There's-a-FULL-MOON-Out!", et cetera...

hmm... I bought THREE 68L RUBBERMAID STORAGE BUCKETS the Other Day -- TWO are now *stuffed* with YARN and the THIRD with RIBBONS and Additional ODD-ITEMS...

So, then. *WHY* does the VOLUME-DISPLACEMENT of "THE DENT" still *appear* to be ONLY about HALF of what Those BOXES can Hold..?!? - Not to mention, the 1.5-Cubic-Feet worth of OTHER STUFF that's already been Removed!

huh. Who knew, that ALL of My "GOOD"-CRAP had the EXPANSION-PROPERTIES of STYROFOAM?!

oh! YAY! - I *FOUND* Those CABLE-COMPANY-DIGITAL-BOX-THINGIES! -- I've got to Attach Them *SOON*... As I'm about to LOSE a Few FAV CHANNELS in a Couple of Weeks IF I don't!

nuts! - I still haveN'T located That FABRIC I wanted to Give to PRINCESSES'-MOM! - IT must be BURIED in There DEEPER than I Thought... At least, I *Think* IT's in THERE..??


I'm trying to DECIDE, *WHICH* of THESE ALARM CLOCKS will going to BIG-D and the OTHER to ME!



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