Saturday, September 21, 2013


DUE TO **RAIN**! -- [well... sorta...]

yeah.. We'll just "skim" over the part where I didn't "get-up" until after 1:00... [hey! I didn't get TO Bed *until* 6am!!]

ANYHOO... IT was RAINING, **ALL DAY**!! - But, THANKFULLY, *NOT* any Heavy DOWNPOURS. At least, I didn't Notice any..? -- There's been this large - [cold-front] - SWATH of RAIN sweeping across the ENTIRE NORTH-EAST. We caught the Northern-EDGE...

COOLER TEMPS and perhaps some SUNNINESS, will show up Tomorrow? -- I hope IT "helps" for the Morning's "CANADA-ARMY-RUN" that CPL.TAT-MOM will be Participating in.

MEANWHILE... There was this "SENIORS"-Oriented TRADE-SHOW that MOTHER had wanted to Attend - [and I, *didn't*!] - so, She managed to Convince FATHER into Taking Her... About an HOUR *BEFORE* They were about to Close!! -- THEY were *successful* in "acquiring" Adaquate Amounts of FREE *PASTRY*, "TOTE"-BAGS and PENS! - [Their *Shared* "Collective"-Passion! -- don't ask...]

Afterward, THEY did a bit of GROCERY-GETTING... However, there was some ADDITIONAL ITEMS that I wanted to Get at THE MALL... So, upon THEIR RETURN, MOTHER was OFF with Me This Time! And, with another "HOUR"-DEADLINE!

I *HATE* going OUT on RAINY Days... Rather be PLAYING-WITH-YARN!!


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