Saturday, September 28, 2013

oh! -- I just "Bought" IT..?

OR, "HOW TO EXAMINE-DECIDE-BID-WIN IN 10-SECONDS"!! -- well... I really hadn't *bought* ANYthing ELSE all Day...

However, at $10. IT does somewhat *BREAK* My "$5. and UNDER"-ART-COLLECTION Budget. - But, then again, the Money is going *to* "CHARITY"...

so. DESPITE the rather GOOD WEATHER, We pretty much MISSED any GOOD YARD-SALES! -- Just One down-the-road-around-the-corner... And, a Regular One in BEACON HILL.

whatever... We ended up at The SALLY-ANN. There were some "Sales" going on and, the Monthly AUCTION... Which, was halfway DONE by the Time We got There. And, from "what" I could SEE of the ITEMS, there really wasn't Anything of "worthwhile" Interest..?

As MOTHER browsed about, I "ORBITTED" the AUCTION-Area... Looked around... And, kept an EAR-Out on the PROCEEDINGS... MOST of the ITEMS were going to the PRE-BID BOOK - [that I never did have a Chance to Look AT]. And, there seemed to be only a Handful of BIDDERS partaking...

I was a few feet away when the Word "NEEDLEWORK" *grabbed* My Complete ATTENTION! - THEY've had Other Large Framed NEEDLEPOINT at Previous AUCTIONS...

By the Time I got to SEE "IT", I *literally* had SECONDS to *DECIDE*!

What do YOU Think..?

The PIC really *doesn't* show the Finer DETAILS... IT "looks" like SILK-THREAD on FINE-LINEN - [or even, Silk again?] - Also, EXPERTLY "FRAMED"! -- After 20-Years - [see the Label] - the PIECE is still PRISTINE!

Now. IF only *I* can "KEEP" IT *THAT* Way for the NEXT TWENTY!!?


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  1. I think it's beautiful. I'm thinking it was probably done in silk, stitchedd over two on a linen if my eyes are seeing it right! Whatever it is, great investment for the price ya snatched it up at. (and especially seeing as you hadn't bought anything yet! how often does that happen?! :D )


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