Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SHE always did like to SNEAK-UP on Me when We were "Little"...


She and BIG-D popped in for over a Half-Hour - [on Their Way to PRINCESSES'-MOM's] - 99% of which I *MISSED*?!!

I had been in My BASEMENT Room watching DVDs with My EARPHONES *on*, working on HER - [BELOW] - BLANKET as I *AWAITED* Their "ARRIVAL"... It wasn't UNTIL She'd FLUNG-OPEN My Door, that I *Realized* that They were HERE!?!

I had been "wondering" as to WHY They were taking so Long..??

Anyhoo... She brought along My EARLY "CHRISTMAS PRESENT" - [SEE 26AUG2013 POST] - IT's even BETTER LOOKING *IN* Person!!

-- NOW, I just have to FIND a "SPOT" to PUT IT, so as to NOT to Cause ANYONE *any* Injuries! -- Those HORNS are *very* POINTY!!


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