Tuesday, September 17, 2013

nuts! -- I really probably SHOULDN'T have taken THAT Road...


Seeing as IT was TOUR-de-TUESDAY and *STILL* SUNNY OUT, I decided to TREK on over to the ORLEANS MICHAEL'S in *search* of that NEEDED-YARN-COLOUR. -- BTW, I haven't been OUT THERE in *over* a Year..?

HOWEVER, in order to *GET* "THERE" - from where I was at COSTCO - I had to take the BLACKBURN-BYPASS... Which, is Currently under "RESURFACING CONSTRUCTION"!! - [seriously, GUYS?! - IT underwent a huge overhaul just a FEW Years ago!?] - Which, I was already aware of. Just, not "HOW MUCH..?"

I *knew* I SHOULD have taken the OTHER ROAD...

What "Normally" would have taken about 5-Minutes, ended up being closer to 30! -- Not to mention, the GRATED-ROAD-SURFACE... *DUST*... Being in the WRONG SLOWER LANE...

THANKFULLY, I managed to catch Several KEY GREEN-LIGHTS afterward, that made-up My Time!

So. There was only ONE BALL of the "DARK GREY MIX" Shade that I needed TWO of to Complete the PATTERN that I had PLANNED for SISTER's BLANKET - [SEE 29AUG2013 POST] - Also, THREE of the "MERCURY", which I needed to MATCH the DYE-LOT I'm using! -- NO Luck, there. But, I Bought Them anyway, as the COLOUR goes well with *many* of the OTHERS.

ah! And, THEY also had some BLACK... There were FIVE of the Same-LOT, so I grabbed Those.

MEANWHILE, considering "WHAT" I got and the wide-spread SHORTAGE of WHAT I *wanted*, I've made MORE REVISIONS to the BLANKET'S "DESIGN"... The DARK GREY MIX will now be Used in the "BOARDER-TRIM" and be Replaced with "BLACK"...

Actually, the CHANGE is working out BETTER than Expected. And, will well-suit ITS "NAME"! - [sorry, but You'll have to WAIT for IT!]

Anyhoo... The YARN was also UNexpectedly *ON SALE* This Week!! - Plus with a "Certain"-COUPON... I've gotten "over" any Colour-"ISSUES" that I might have had and have Returned to My "WORK" once more! - [managed 5-squares Tonight - hoping a LOT more Tomorrow..?]

NO CONSTRUCTION on the SPEEDY-20-MINUTE Journey HOME, just the BLINDING SUN in My EYES for 15-Minutes of IT!


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