Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[sigh!] -- "POST"-Labour-Day is such a *CHORE*!!


-- Believe Me, keeping TRACK of and *UP* with The-ELDERLY-PARENTAL-UNITS is Arduous ENOUGH!!

Although, "TODAY" was spent *Trying* to get PAST the PARENTS-of-PROGENY and THROUGH the TRAFFIC of FRESH-FALL-ROADWORK-That-Is-BETWEEN-*EVERYWHERE*-I-NEED-To-GET-TO!! -- BTW, **THANK-YOU** KIND-VAN-DRIVER-OLDER-GUY for *letting* Me Squeeze into that LEFT-LANE!!

Meanwhile, *most* of My "DESTINATIONS" were actually Crowd-LESS - at First... UNTIL, I hit the GROCERY-STORES with the Wave of those Harried-JUST-Off-Work-NEED-Post-Long-Weekend-GROCERIES-Before-And/Or-AFTER-The-KIDS-Are-Picked-Up-PARENTS. Not to Mention, that the Store-SHELVES are also somewhat LACKING in NEW "INVENTORY"!

However, despite the Day's COOL-Dreary-OVERCAST-ness, a small Amount of "perverse" [of sorts..] *ENTERTAINMENT* was to be had as I shuffled through My Choices of CHECKOUT-LINES...

AS, I came upon a "LIFE-SIZE"-Version of "BOTOX-*BARBIE*", ahead of Me in the "1-8-ITEMS"-EXPRESS-LANE with a CART-*LOAD* of probably "81"-ITEMS!?!

And, the PERFECTLY-"SCULPTED"-Boob-Jobbed-BODY in a Purple-Probably-PAINTED-ON-[sans *any* "Panty"-Lines!]-Dress... Matching HEELS... Longish Thick NOT-Her-*REAL*-Colour-STRAW-BLOND-STRAW-HAIR... I only caught a Glimpse of Her Face, but a bit of "WORK" did seem Obvious! -- She *might* have "Looked" 30-ish, but those *Wrinkled*-LEATHERY-"TANNED"-Upper-ARMS were screaming "40-PLUS-ish"!!

    There was a brief Moment, when I "Imagined" that *THIS*
    must be "What" it's like to do Groceries in "VEGAS"!?!
    -- OR, to be IN a weird TV-Show where the TABLOID-"CHARACTERS"
    walk OFF the Pages and come to *LIFE*!!

yeah. I know. No doubt the Result of INhaling *too* much TRAFFIC-Exhaust!

Anyhoo... The OTHER-LINES were beginning to Shorten, so I changed "CHANNELS" and scooted on over to the One with the TWO-CUTE-Sooo-NOT-"KEN"-*FIREMEN*!! -- MUCH Better *VIEWING*!! And, Conversation...

what?! -- [..hello?!..] - "**CUTE**-GUYS"!! - OF course, I'm going to "TALK" to THEM... I might have "NO Life", BUT, I *ain't* DEAD *YET*!!




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  1. Why can't I ever get in the TWO-CUTE-Sooo-NOT-"KEN"-*FIREMEN* line??


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