Saturday, September 7, 2013

INSERT - [$4.50 Oil Painting] - "HERE"

OR, NOT...

MOTHER "cajoled" Me into *NOT* Purchasing a certain 12x20"-ish bit of ARTWORK - [a Cabin in the Woods Scene...] - at The SALLY-ANN Today... And, I relented... BUT, *IF* IT's still There NEXT TIME..? - Well, ALL BETS are OFF!!

hmph! -- I should have put down BIDS on the AUCTION STUFF! - Actually... I *will* be in THAT AREA on Monday... Perhaps, a "SIDE-TRIP" will ensue..?


IT was an OVERCAST, DARK, DAMP, DREARY Day... And, THANKFULLY, *DRY*! -- Had IT been Raining, I'd be BLOOG-CASTING from HOME! - However, GROCERY-GETTING was to be had...

oh! As well as, a pop into FABRICLAND...

Almost a 1.5-Yards -- There wasn't a "Label",
however, I believe IT to be mostly - [if not ALL] -
WOOL. IT certainly Feels like IT!

Under a Yard. 100% COTTON FLANNEL
-- MOTHER *hates* IT!
- So of course, I BOUGHT IT!!


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