Saturday, November 12, 2011

Checking Out The CRAFTY "Competition"!


Today was the *only* FREE Weekend We have to Scout out OTHER Craft Shows, so We headed over to attend The OTTAWA ARTISANS GUILD Christmas Craft Show. They're holding 3 this Season - This 2-Day One was at a nearby High School...

Be sure to have a Looksee at Their Current Exhibitor LIST -

There were Several NEW People - always good to see. I picked up a few "CARDS". We "chatted" with a Handful of the ARTISANS... Actually ran into One who was a Former Colleague of FATHER's!

I also met up with Someone that I "Follow" on TWITTER! - @MyStowNTow - Shauna was quite informative and a delight to Converse with. AND, She "admired" My "SHAN-TOQUE" from Afar...

The Ladies at the TINKLE BERRIES Booth had a Fabulous array of Santa and Snowmen ORNAMENTS made of Pine Cones and Such... ALL Well-Priced! -- I wished They had a Website, as We didn't take any Pictures!

We didn't speak with KEN WALLER, but I was Impressed with His Fine Woodwork!

IT'S A BELLE CREATIONS had absolutely YUMMY Samples! And a very COOL looking GUMBALL-MACHINE CAKE!

Hiding in the far Corner of one of the 2 Exhibit Rooms was the Enchanting and Skilled MYROSIA HUMENIUK...

A Beautiful Young Lady, whose Whimsical ARTWORK definitely reflected Her Animation-Training and would be a perfectly Charming Centerpiece for a Child's Room! Meanwhile, Her Finely-Detailed PYSANKA EGGS are Exquisite! We spoke for a while about Show "Venues"... I hope My "insights" were Helpful?

There wasn't as many YARN-WORK Exhibitors as in Past Years, but Those that were, had Gorgeous Well-Made and very UNDER-Priced Items! -- There was an Older Lady whose Hand-Knitted SWEATERS were Intricately-done and seriously LOW in Price!

Anyhoo... We probably would have stayed for Longer, but had Grocery-Getting and Whatnot yet to DO!

So. We surprisingly "discovered" - much to Our dismay - that one of Our FAV Grocery-Stores was GONE! ..huh. When did THAT happen..?! Pooh!

Well, *not* being able to Shop There, just put Us back on Schedule... ON to the Next Stop!

MICHAEL'S... All I got was THESE RIBBONS on Sale...

We popped into VALUE VILLAGE next door for a few Minutes... Although I hadn't intended on Buying ANY Clothing, for $5.99, I came across a Long-Short-Sleeve-CARDIGAN... A lovely OLIVE Shade that first grabbed My Attention - THEN, noticing that IT was 100% WOOL [feels like Merino?], Made in NEW ZEALAND!

-- IT *just* FIT! -- SOLD!! ...IT doesn't even look like IT's ever been Worn!?

I really Hate the "Time-Change" Thing... We got to WALMART just *before* SUNDOWN! Just after 4..?!! -- We hurried along with Grocery-Getting, as We still had THE MALL to DO... And, My "Night-Vision" is NOT so good for Driving...

We didn't stay at THE MALL for long, either!


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