Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rumours of ROBINS..?!!

AT LEAST, that's What MOTHER was Telling Me this Morning... That She had SEEN TWO ROBINS in the Front Yard! -- o-kay...

Well...either "Someone" forgot to Book that *Flight* South and the Palm-Treehouse on the Beach... OR, some savvy Earthworm pulled a few Roots and got These Guys put onto a NO-FLY List!

Then again, They could have been Hired by the Local CROWS to stick around just long enough to Distract the SQUIRRELS. -- I've noticed an Increase in "Take-OUT" Orders at the Neighbourhood *ROADKILL CAFE* lately...

Whatever. That's ALL a "DISNEY" Conspiracy for *another* Day! -- I've been BUSY, doing Other THINGS...

I *still* haven't Finished up HALF of What I've *wanted* to! At THIS POINT, *ALL* that I really WANT is DRY Weather and Busloads of PAYING Customers for Saturday!! -- My "BABIES" want to be "ADOPTED"!


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