Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spotted My First "MALL" **SANTA** Of The SEASON!

I WAS EXTREMELY "TEMPTED" to Sit on His Knee and "Ask" for a *TIME-DILATION FIELD*!! -- You know..so I could get the UMPTEEN THINGS that NEED "Doing" DONE!! And then, be able to have IT ALL READY in Time for Saturday's BIG CRAFT SHOW!!

Alas, however, it's rather Doubtful that MR.MALL-SANTA is a PHYSICIST!

..crap.. So much for THAT "Plan"... [*sigh*]

Anyway... I was OUT & ABOUT Today - just at THE Perfect "Lull-In-The-Crowds" Time!

  • Sweet! A "Space" in My FAV Parking-Area!
  • Oooo! And, BANK TELLERS "standing by"!
  • Ah. "Timing"... LAST Day to get that "Price-Difference-Refund" on the Thingy We got for LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED a couple of Weeks ago. SISTER called Yesterday to "inform" Me...
  • Oh. Pooh! I've just remembered that I wanted to checkout a Christmas Display at THE BAY!

GROCERY STORE - Needed My Pita-Bread...

Ouch! Definitely, *TIMING*! There was an ACCIDENT Tie-Up in a Major Intersection that - fortunately - the Right-Lane I need, is the *only* one Open and not Backed-Up!

  • Still loving that new PAVEMENT and Floor Re-Smoothing... However, it's a not-so-"Mute"-Point with Me using the NOISIEST Shopping-Cart in the Place!
  • *MUST* Remember to NOT do that again!
  • yumm... Several Food-Samples to bring Home to The ELDERLY PARENTAL-UNITS!
  • Got MILK!

  • No new FACTORY-ENDS... yet...
  • Picked up a Thing for MOTHER...
  • More "Junk-Food" that I know that My "Hips" do *not* need! But, The TASTEBUDS have Me hexed!
  • hmm... There are KITCHEN-KNIVES Sets on Sale, and HALF-Price again!? -- WICKED! Got Them for *ONLY* under $2. - Taxes included!

Managed to get HOME in the Blinding Setting SUN... Yes. IT was a Good-Day to SHOP!
-- Although, IT seriously CUT into My CROCHET-Time!


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