Wednesday, November 30, 2011


ugh! ..BUT, IT'S BEGINNING TO CLEAR UP... maybe... I *HOPE* so!! -- There *are*
"Rumours" of SUNLIGHT, Tomorrow! Then, on Friday, perhaps Snow..?

Anyhoo... **ANOTHER** Day "INSIDE"! However, most of IT was spent doing END-of-MONTH Stuff, and - WooHoo! - the "MARKETS" were UP again!

BTW...does Hanging up One's Freshly-Laundered-Wet-SOCKS by the Furnace-CHIMINEY to *DRY*,
"count" as Christmas Decorating..? -- 'Cause, I did THAT too...

Last Week's SNOW-MOMENT - And, What EVERY "FASHIONISTA" SNOWMAN will be Wearing THIS Season!!


Meanwhile, *NOTHING* Else going on around Here! ..okay...*EXCEPT* for the CUTE-6-Second-Video of LITTLE PRINCESS BIG-RED *finally* Walking - really Fast! - on Her own, that Her MOM sent.

"Someone" is sooo getting a LEASH in Their STOCKING This Year!


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