Wednesday, November 23, 2011



..o-kay... I *knew* that We would have SNOW on the Ground This Morning... Just, NOT 3-plus INCHES of the Thick-WET-Heavy-Snowmen-Rolling-Off-The-SHOVEL Stuff!! 
-- SO Glad that I didn't NEED to BE Anywhere!

I slowly ate Breakfast. Read the Paper. Inwardly Sighed at the *probable* State of My STOCK-PORTFOLIO from the dismal Quotes on the Business-Channels! Then, "prepped" for My CRYO-HYDROLOGICAL-Displacement "Mission"...

Thankfully, the Temps were just Warm enough, so that Stuff slid away easily and didn't Stick to the Ground! Although, once IT begins to Melt, the HIGH Water Content gets Heavier to handle!
-- I'll NO doubt be "FEELING" it Later...

I was only OUT for a little over an Hour... And, *did* MADAME-Q's Lane as well. IT was much quicker and Easier to DO!

NOW... I'm going to get This POST done and get BACK to My YARN!


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