Monday, November 14, 2011

WHOA!! ...How Did *I* Get SO "Popular" At 4am..??!!

..I WAS OFF-LINE BY 3...??

One of the "FEATURES" of This BLOOGING Thing are The STATS. I like "Stats". I've always been a "Numbers/Stats" kinda Girl...

So... Bearing That FACT in Mind, *IMAGINE* My UTTER Surprise, when I "Checked" My STATS Earlier, to discover THEM as being OFF THE CHARTS!! -- Well, *My* "Charts" anyway... And, from only a Few Sources..?


..I'm NOT Complaining! -- But, One does have to "Wonder" - was it "Something" I Said..?! - *OR*,
ELVIS-forbid, was I "HACKED"?? ...I don't "think" I was.. I HOPE that I wasn't!

-- AUNTIE don't take TOO Kindly to THAT Sort of Thing! 'Cause - so You KNOW - "KARMA" and FAIRY-T's "Whacking-WAND" are BFFs of Mine... just warning...

Whatever... Between the "REAL LIFE" Moments of Today - [BTW, WHAT *was* it with TWITTER?] - I managed to get a Couple of WASHCLOTHS completed, AND, THIS...


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