Saturday, November 5, 2011

*WARNING*: "CRAFT SHOWS" May Be Hazardous To One's Health

WELL... NOTHING THAT a Shot of Morphine and a proper BUNGEE-JUMP *wouldn't* CURE at any rate, I'm sure!!

My **BODY** - [Lower Back mostly] - is KILLING ME!!

I really could DO with a 20-Something-CLONE to help out at these Craft Shows! You know,
"Someone" that knows *exactly* HOW I want THINGS Packed and "Where"... Other than That, perhaps a more Spacious Vehicle, so that I could have some Items pre-assembled. Or, have room for a little Trolley..? Having a Strapping-Young-LAD to do My "bidding" wouldn't *Hurt*, either!
...just saying...

ANYHOO... It was an absolutely GORGEOUS Day! - Which, "helped" My Mood slightly, seeing as We were 15-MINUTES LATE leaving The HOUSE! -- MOTHER thought that We were departing a Half Hour LATER than The TIME that I've only TOLD Her at least 30 times This Week!!

NOTE - Having to *RUSH* My SET-UP does NOT help the Chronic-BAD-Back...

Meanwhile, there were a LOT of Other "CHURCH" Sales going on around The CITY - which, "might" explain the Below-Average Attendance that THIS Show has had over Previous Years. A shame really, as there are quite a few Talented Vendors, and the Venue is well-run and rather "Inviting"...

That said, I did manage to do the Same Amount of Business as Last Year. I, also, had a Few REPEAT-CUSTOMERS - *Always* Encouraging!!

The POLE-STAND *BASE* is about 15-Pounds!!

As well, I NEED to Make *more* of those
"Christmas" WASHCLOTH COMBO-Sets! And, fill in the Colour gaps of My Regular ONES...

In the "SCARF"-Department, despite *only* Selling One - [which will be heading to the Atlanta Area, apparently] - The MOABOALOHAs were well-received!

I suspect that I'll be seeing "Knock-Offs" of *My* SCARVES and the Style of the COMBO-Sets at NEXT Year's Shows!

As You can see HERE from the PICS of "THE BABIES" at *WORK*, there's a LOT of STUFF and "Equipment" that has to be Assembled and Unpacked.

-- IF, I had a LARGER Vehicle and "STAFF", I know that I could Spruce IT all up considerably *more*!



WOOHOO!! -- I *actually* WON a NICE little bit on Tonight's LOTTERY!! Not any Great Fortune, but "enough" to Cover My Recent YARN-Acquisitions... BTW, did that BIG-HONKING-ROCK *PASS* Us yet..? - I still have to Cash The TICKET in!

Hey! An EXTRA Hour to SLEEP IN Tonight! ...yeah... that'll happen...


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