Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Word-of-the-Day: GLOOM


The SUN was NOwhere to be found! AGAIN! - [what's with THAT, huh?] - Just thick dull Dark GREY Clouds "squirting" RAIN Everywhere! Not Cold enough to Snow, but Cool and DAMP enough to be outright Depressing! -- I looked out the Window ONCE, and THAT was *enough*!

So glad that I "stocked" up on the VITAMIN-D Tablets the Other Day...

Of course, THIS Weather shouldn't "surprise" Me, after all, IT *is* PAPER-RECYCLING
DAY! It *ALWAYS* Rains on PAPER-DAY! -- Really. We can't have Those Poor-Greatly-Unappreciated-Garbage-Pickup-GUYS handling *DRY* Paper, now can We?!! MOTHER NATURE is just "Protecting" Them from possible Paper-CUTS!

Anyway... I just "vegged". And, READ about Warm, DRY, *SHINY* Places!! -- I think I'll Play with YARN now...


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