Tuesday, November 8, 2011

IT's *Done*! Finished! Out of My System...

I CAN MOVE "ON", NOW!! -- I've *COMPLETED* My Latest "KNITTING" Project...

BTW, I've come to *despise* the "UNravel-*really*-Carefully" part of KNITTING... Just a tad STRESSFUL on My Eyesight! ...just saying...

Anyhoo... Just under a 50g Ball of 100% FINE MERINO and a similar Amount of a 50% ALPACA - 50% SILK Blend. Very SOFT and Light-Weight. -- Not certain if I'll save IT as a "Gift" or, TRY to Sell IT. However, considering the YARN COSTS, I'd *have* to put IT in the $35.-Range...




  1. You've done what I have yet to do! I simply cannot learn to knit!

    I think you should keep it for yourself or give it as a gift. That's what I do with the pieces made with the spendy yarn!

  2. i like it dear very nice hugs tinkx


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