Sunday, November 6, 2011

WHEW! The Temporal "RE-Set" Didn't Affect...

LAST NIGHT'S LOTTERY "WIN"!! ...Only My *Sleeping-Pattern*! -- Let's just say, that no matter "which" Side of the Seasonal TIME-CHANGE I was on, IT was the "AFTERNOON" when I actually rolled OUT of Bed!

HEY! I've had a BUSY sleepLESS Week, The BODY was making up for LOST Time! -- IT's really picky about that SORT of Thing... Not to mention, ALL of that LOADING and UNLOADING of *STUFF*, Yesterday. And, the *much* ASSEMBLY that was Required!

I'm "less" Sore-ALL-Over - for now - than I was Last Night. Just. Managed to pace Myself when I had to UNLOAD The VEHICLE later on. A Task that I did NOT have the Energy, OR Desire to do upon Our Return Home Yesterday. -- I'm sure that My STUFF and The CAR had much to "discuss" over Night in The Garage...

The Evening, has been Spent in getting back to My *KNITTING*! -- It's been a little while since I've
last had the opportunity to get Back to The HAT that I'm still in the Middle of... I had to Redo a couple of Rows because of a Stitch that I wasn't fond of... Only got about an INCH *done*!

Definitely getting back to CROCHETING, Tomorrow!! MUCH more "Productive"!

Anyhoo, I "played" with The HAT on "HEDDA" - Remember My newly acquired Nameless *HEAD* from the Other Day..?

I must admit, having HEDDA *helps*! I've already come up with Another "STYLE" to try out *when* I have the Time! -- I guess "..Two Heads are BETTER than One.."!

...sorry! Couldn't resist!!


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