Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Celebrated **POST-999** by Meeting with "The PRESIDENT"!!

-- of MICHAEL'S "CANADA", that is... [or at least He was..? I think He may be a VP of the Whole COMPANY now..??]

A rather Pleasant and Amiable GENTLEMAN... After MANAGER-DAVE graciously Introduced Me as His "Top-YARN-Sales-CUSTOMER", We proceeded to "Chat" YARN, as His SQUAD of CORPORATE-"MINIONS" took *NOTES*...

"WALT" seemed quite Receptive to My CUSTOMER-"OPINIONS", so it will be *Interesting* to see IF *ANY* of Them ever *actually* DO "Happen"..?!! -- [BTW, If BERNAT HANDICRAFTER-COTTON "BIG BALLS" ever show up, *THAT* was ME!!]

Anyway, I was a "Good-Girl" and didn't go past the *polite* FEW-Minutes-Mark so THEY could Continue with THEIR "BUSINESS"... Besides, I still had *MY* SHOPPING to do! -- *COUPONS* were burning a Hole in My Pockets!!

YAY! -- A Couple of Those LEOPARD-PRINT-BOXES showed up!! - [SEE 06APR2013 POST]

I had missed These *FASHION*-PATTERNS NOTE-CARDS on SATURDAY... However, SISTER had sent Me a Pic of the "JOURNAL"-Version that She had Bought. -- I've got plenty of OTHER-Journals, but ONE can never have *enough* Note-Cards!

Picked up More FOAM-BRUSHES -- They were almost GONE!! - Also got One of the Little-PHOTO-BOXES... Which, I'll likely Use for OTHER-Stuff! -- Perhaps, NOTE-CARDS..??

And, as NOT to *Ruin* My YARN-AHOLIC "Reputation", whilst "WALT" was still about...

The BIG-BALL - [BELOW] -was actually *Later* Acquired over at WALMART.

Meanwhile, I had to Run an Errand at THE-BIG-MALL. -- Can't Believe that I walked OUT of There with *SANS*-Purchases!! -- Next, the Grocery-Store...

huh. I actually managed to get HOME *BEFORE* Dinner!! - *That* seldom Happens...

Sooo... KIDS!!
-- *TOMORROW*... A "BIG"-DAY!! --


oh. And, a Couple of OTHER CELEBRATORY-*EVENTS*!! -- Although, I still have absolutely NO IDEA of whatELSE I'll be BLOOGING-ABOUT..?!! - But, NOT to Worry... I'm sure I'll *Think* of SOMETHING!!


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