Tuesday, April 2, 2013


FIRST -- Make sure that "THEY" do NOT "Know How To" and/or *ever* will READ THIS POST!!

SECOND -- It *REALLY* HELPS if the Store that You are "Acquiring" Said YARN *from*, ALSO just "happens" to have LARGE-*STORAGE*-CONTAINERS "ON-SALE"!!

THIRD -- Be sure - or at least, TRY - to NOT Buy *too* much so that the WEIGHT of Your
"Purchase" GIVES AWAY the "ILLUSION" of an EMPTY Container!!

FOURTH -- **FIND** an UNobtrusive Location for Said CONTAINER, *quickly*!! - "Out-of-SIGHT-*OUT*-of-Mind"!!

Got ONE of EACH - except, for 2 of the RIGHT-STANDING One and 4-Each of the 2 LEFT-STANDING Ones. -- The WHITE One is actually of a more OPAL-PEARLish Hue...

-- AND, They also *slightly* LOWERED the PRICE!! AS IF, I needed ANY *more* INCENTIVE! Got 14 BALLS...

oh. look! -- The STORAGE CHESTS are "ON-SALE"... Oooo! And, I even Like the COLOURS!

I went with the AQUA-BLUE - [actually more Turquoise than in the Pic] - instead of the APPLE-GREEN. -- It's not like I really *have* the ROOM for IT, BUT, I've GOT to SNEAK the YARN into the HOUSE "someHOW"!

Meanwhile, I also found some "Space" in My Over-Flowing-CART for THIS GUY! - He was all-by-His-lonesome on a Shelf in the "EASTER-CLEARANCE"-Section.

CPL.TAT-MOM is a *huge* SCOOBY FAN and CADET-JUNIOR *Loves* His DOGS! -- I just couldn't *NOT* Get IT!!

ANYHOO... I spent way TOO much Time over There, HAD to get to MICHAEL'S...

Since I HADN'T expected to Buy ALL of That COTTON-YARN, I *HAD* to
"LIMIT" Myself with any FURTHER YARNish-Purchases!

But, hey, I *had* a COUPON... HAD to get at Least ONE-BALL! -- And Then, I came across ALL of THIS "ON-SALE" EASTER-STUFF...

The Hard-Plastic EGG-TRAYS looked to be Useful for Other Things...

And, I *should* have gotten *more* of Those CHECKERED-BAGS. THEY *Match* My BLANKETS!

Also ran into MANAGER-DAVE... We Chatted and Talked "BIG-BALL-COTTON-YARN"... And, apparently, at SOME "SECRET" Time THIS WEEK, The-BIG-BOSS is supposed to VISIT..??
-- I'd sure Like to get 5-Minutes of "CUSTOMER-FEEDBACK"-Time with THAT GUY!!

Ended up spending MORE Time than I had "PLANNED" over There... GROCERIES needed to be GOTTEN!

BUT, First... A *SIDE-TRIP* to CANADIAN-TIRE to Check-Out SOFT-SIDE-COOLERS Prices... WALMART didn't have the Size or Type that I wanted for the Price that I was willing to Pay.

AH! - Found ONE! - ON-SALE, too! - A bit *Different* from WHAT I was Looking FOR, however, the Volume-Size and *Price* are RIGHT! And, I DO *need* ONE. "NOW"! -- Speaking of which, I had to go get those FROZEN-GROCERIES that were Waiting to Fill IT!

AFTER the TWO-FOOD-STOPS, I made My way to THE MALL... MORE FOOD and Other Perusings... And, ON-SALE-EASTER-STUFF...

okay... Allow Me to *PREFACE* THIS PURCHASE with a Few "FACTS"...

FIRST -- I'm really *not* a huge "POOH" Fan... per se...

SECOND -- I absolutely, *positively* ABHOR "POUTINE"!!! - Even the "Word" makes Me *Cringe*!

THIRD -- However, I DO like "TINS"...

SO... When I spotted THIS Lone-Amongst-OTHER-Types-of-PAILS on the SALES-Shelf, *HOW*
could I not *RESIST* Getting the "POOH"-TIN..?!!

...Another "GIFT" for CADET-JUNIOR...


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