Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"..RE-Schedule *YOUR* Life!! -- CALL **NOW**!!.."


*USUALLY*, TUESDAY is Reserved for the "TOUR-de-TRAINYARDS" and/or OTHER "ADVENTURES-in-ACCUMULATING-ACQUISTIONS", however, Those Particular-PERUSING-PURSUITS had to be POSTPONED Today, due to some Vital PHONE-"Paperwork"-PLANS that could NOT be PUT-OFF...

And, I got UP "Late"... Besides, TRAFFIC-Wise, going to TRAINYARDS afterward would have *stuck* Me into "RUSH-HOUR"!

ANYHOO, so YOU GUYS "know" -- The NEXT 8 or so WEEKS are going to be a *tad* BUSY around HERE... I'm NOT at Liberty - [nor, WANT] - to DISCLOSE "WHAT" *exactly* will be Happening, except to Say that there's MUCH "LOGISTICS" on My Part to "PLAN & EXECUTE"! -- So, IF I end-up *MISSING* a POST, IT'll likely be due to "NO Time" or "NO Cyber-ACCESS"!

oh! AND, toss in PRINCESSES'-MOM & TAP-MAN's quickly approaching WEDDING in *VEGAS*!! - [That I'll be UNable to Attend]. As well as, SISTER & BIG-D's PRE-and-POST-NUPTIALS VISIT, HERE... Along with, *ALL* of the "TRIAGING"-Troubles THAT will *more* than likely ENSUE, I'm sure!


So... With PHONE-to-My-EAR and CALENDAR-in-HAND, "DIALING" Commenced!

*THANKFULLY*, EVERYONE-on-the-OTHER-END were ALL "Accommodating" *despite* My odd REscheduling and need for "BACK-UP"-Dates! -- Now, IF the WEATHER will COOPERATE on THOSE DAYS, My [ha-ha]-SANITY might actually "SURVIVE"..?!!

Meanwhile, it was going on 3:30-ish *when*, I decided to LAST-MINUTE Run a Few ERRANDS over at THE-BIG-MALL - *without* Buying ANYTHING!! -- Which, is *sorta* WHY, I made a SIDE-TRIP over to VALUE-VILLAGE afterward on the Way-HOME...

I *DIDN'T* get Anything THERE, either!! -- DAMN! - The WARM-SUNNY-WEATHER must be *AFFECTING* Me..??!!

I might have to "CALL" Someone and get THAT *FIXED*...


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