Saturday, April 27, 2013


oh! -- AND, "YARN", OF COURSE!!

It was Coolish and DRIZZLY *when* WE-FINALLY-LEFT-THE-HOUSE! -- A Local High School had an INDOOR "Garage"-SALE going on, but We didn't know the "Hours"... Usually, THESE Events go until NOON or ONE-ish - and it was 11:30!

And-oh-LOOK, I'm getting EVERY-RED-LIGHT-ALONG-THE-WAY!?! -- You know, My "HOROSCOPE" for Today had "mentioned" Something about "STAYING HOME"..??

whatever. -- We GET There. Only a FEW Cars in the Parking-Lot -- *Not* Encouraging... However, the "SIGN" does Say "10 to 2"! -- We're Good.

IT's in One of the Gyms... Plenty of "TABLES", although I had expected a bit MORE *on* Them... And, only a Couple of OTHER-CUSTOMERS... Time to go into "SCOUR & SHOP"-Mode!

I can NOT *Believe* that My "FIRST-PICK" of This FAB-Really-GOOD-Quality WIRE-BASKET turned out to be a "ZEN"-Item!! - [a PRIZE-Object waiting Hours for *ME* to Purchase IT] - Especially, when IT was *just* a DOLLAR!!

The *more* I look at IT Now, the MORE I Love IT! -- I'm going to *have to* Use IT for My CRAFT-SHOWS. IT's *Perfect*! - Even the Bottom-Pattern MATCHES My BLANKETS!

Found This 6-Inch GREEK-Made BLUE-WHITE CERAMIC TILE next -- 10-Cents!

Then, This CERAMIC SEAFOOD-VEGGIES-CHIPS & DIPS BOWL -- $2. -- But, IT's Large and Heavy and I DO "Collect" FISHY-SHELL-NAUTICAL Stuff...

Across the Room, This Cute and rather THICK-Walled 3-Inch BLUE-WHITE CLAY POT was just *Waiting* for My Retail-RESCUE! -- 50-Cents...

And, seeing as I was on a BLUE and/or WHITE Roll, I grabbed This COILED BLUE GLASS DISH... BTW, the 25-Cent TAG didn't hurt, either...

Granted, IT's not the "highest" of Quality, but I Liked the Colour and have a *Thing* for GLASS.

Besides, IT was Our FIRST "SALE" of the Season. And, a FUND-RAISER.

Bottomline, I *am* HAPPY with My "HAUL"!

The DRIZZLE stopped... BEACON-HILL was nearby, so on the OFF-Chance that SOMEONE
might be having an "actual" GARAGE-Sale, We decided to do a quick TROLL of the Neighbourhood... Nothing.

Before Leaving the Area, We popped into The SALLY-ANN over There... THEY were Scheduled to have Their Monthly-AUCTION at 2, however, We had OTHER-PLACES-TO-BE.
-- Not to mention, there really wasn't ANYTHING that I was in Need of...

Since IT was on Our Route, We did THE MALL Stop FIRST, before getting to TRAINYARDS.

And THIS, is where I had My Second ZEN-"MOMENT" of the Day! -- Guess *WHO* We "ran-into" at the Grocery-Store??

Why IT's none other than MANAGER-DAVE!!?! -- *AND*, the Quite-Pretty-and-Lovely-Who-We've-NOT-Met-*Yet*-"MRS."-MANAGER-DAVE!! -- ah. The POOR Man... EVEN on His Days-Off, He *can't* ESCAPE Us! -- We continued with OUR "Shopping"...


That HANDICRAFTER-COTTON YARN was still ON-SALE - just, NOT as Much as I *would* have Preferred! -- Had to Invoke the Powers of My COUPON-STASH to Remedy THAT "Problem"... Which, meant that I had to Buy MORE than I had originally intended.

well... NOT to Worry. I wanted THAT Colour ANYWAY!

Got 2 of the MIXED-One and 8 of the NAVY. -- That *should* be ENOUGH to Finish the "BLANKET". -- And, 20 of the BROWN... A much sought after HUE that Seldom shows up "ON-Shelf" around Here. Just thought I'd STOCK-UP...

The "MONROE" NOTEPADS were also Reduced -- PRINCESSES'-MOM is a "FAN"...

HEY!! -- The SUN is *OUT*!! -- WOOHOO!!

And, My *CLUE* to grab some TAKE-OUT and head HOME!!


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